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Water and how we interact with our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams has become a central theme to my artwork over the last 10 years.  I am currently working on a video series in which I create sculptural swimming costumes that reference living creatures such as sea urchins, water birds, cephalopods, and more to create unique hybrid human/animal characters that interact with water in various ways. These characters make reference to a variety of cultural and historical mythologies from around the world having to do with water as the source of life.  My goal is to create personal archetypes that highlight our relationship to the water as it sustains us on earth. I am an open water swimmer who swims in the Atlantic Ocean on a daily basis, and one of the things I see when I swim is the high volume of damage we do to our ocean and its inhabitants through pollutants and garbage. As evidenced by our experience with Hurricane Sandy, the human impact on the world’s ocean and climate change is very real and impacts us all on a daily basis.  These are works in progress. 

© 2019 by DB Lampman

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