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Tappan Park 2014 

Conference House Park 2015



Commissioned by NYC Parks Department, Art in the Parks program, “The Dance” was a temporary public art sculpture  installed from 2014-2015 at Tappan Park, in Stapleton, Staten Island, and at Conference House Park in Tottenville, Staten Island, from 2015-2016. 

Five interconnected dancing figures create an informal pavilion that can be utilized for public performances by members of the community. The figures are built out of a welded steel armature that is covered in a translucent exterior grade fabric. At night the sculpture is illuminated by lighting mounted inside the figures. The figures are bolted together and strapped to the steel framework via a network of steel cables. “The Dance” symbolizes the coming together of our community here after Hurricane Sandy. The dancing figures flow in a circular form, but are tethered inside a box, capturing a memory of a joyous moment in time. The figures are holding hands- a symbol of unity and strength in times of crisis and in times of joy.

© 2019 by DB Lampman

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