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in visible

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

February 29 through May 2, 2020

Extended through August 2020

This exhibition was made possible by an Art Fund grant from Staten Island Arts funded through the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the Samuel I Newhouse Foundation. 

In Visible is an exhibition of drawings and sculpture that explore the tension held between two spaces;literally and metaphorically. Drawn and sewn threads stitch relationships between what we see and what we don’t see, what we talk about and what we don’t hear, and ultimately who we are in relationship to the world around us.

It is about the visible and hidden ways in which we connect with one another and how our world is affected by the ways in which we do, or do not communicate.

Many of the drawings in the exhibition are pencil on paper with text and stitched elements and were created over the past several years. 

The exhibition is centered around a large scale sculpture that winds through two galleries and attaches to the walls on both ends via a system of tethered objects. One end holds small illuminated boxes with images from the El Paso/Juarez border where I grew up and the opposite wall is composed of a variety of old toys and other items found on the beach in NYC where I currently live. These are items that resemble the kinds of things my brother and I found and played with as children in the irrigation canals leading out of the Rio Grande river on the border. 

The three large scale paintings and the aforementioned sculpture contain text and imagery from the following poem I wrote about my childhood memories of growing up on the border:

In Visible

DB Lampman, 2019

I can't remember


I can't remember

How the water fed our fields

fed our dreams

Stay on your side

my side

our front line

sinks in the mud

In visible lines

in the cracked dirt

define our place

shimmer and cut

My land

your land

we land

This is the front line

The walls of mud

flash in the rain

When I flash

I flood

I bleed

My blood

your blood

our flood

We swirl in our mud and hay and glass castles

I cast my line

across divides

Treasures of garbage and glass

shimmer and cut

Where do water bugs go

when the river dries up

Do they hide in the cracks

of my skin

or float on the skin of my blood

your blood

our blood

our mud

Stay on your side

my side

our front line

sinks in the mud

We all shimmer

we all cut

we all bleed

This is not our wall.

© 2019 by DB Lampman

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